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Alaska July 9th - 14th

Join us for an incredible photographic adventure at the 2024 TPM Annual Retreat in Alaska! From July 9th to 14th, we will be exploring the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife of Kenai Fjords National Park, Lake Clark National Park, Anchorage, and Seward. This immersive photography retreat will focus on capturing shots of stunning landscapes, marine wildlife, and brown bears fishing during the salmon run. Our retreats provide opportunities for incredible photography and encourage organic learning from attendees, creating a sense of camaraderie and community. This will be the 6 day trip of a lifetime.


$1,000.00 USD Deposit

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We will begin our Alaskan adventure by spending the first night in Anchorage, where we will explore nearby parks and search for moose in active hotspots. On the same evening, we will drive to Seward and the stay the night to prepare for the next leg of our trip.

In Seward we will embark on a full-day small cruise through Kenai Fjords National Park. We’ll photograph breathtaking landscapes and keep our eyes peeled for marine wildlife such as orcas, sea otters, and whales. We will explore Mt Marathon, Exit Glacier and Resurrection Bay.

Next, we continue our journey to Homer and prepare for a flight (or boat ride) to Lake Clark National Park (or surrounding area). In the park we will spend an unforgettable day witnessing and photographing brown bears along with other native wildlife. Finally, we conclude our trip by heading back to Anchorage and catching flights home, unless you choose to extend your adventure independently afterwards.



We will start our trip with a rendesvouz in Anchorage. It's important you fly into here so we can pick you up!

We will check out Chugach State Park that offers a plethora of stunning landscapes and wildlife viewing. Around Anchorage, there are tons of hotspots for moose. We will drive to them for a period of time in hopes of spotting and photographing some.

Afterwards we will drive to Seward. Remember the days are extremely long this time of year in Alaska so we will have tons of daylight!


In Seward we will spend a full day cruising through Kenai Fjords National Park and have the opportunity to photograph the stunning coastal landscapes and abundant marine wildlife of Alaska. Some of the wildlife we hope to photograph include, whales, orcas, sea otters, sea lions, and puffins. We will explore Exit Glacier, Mt Marathon and Resurrection Bay as well photographing and exploring epic landscapes. After our last half day in Seward we will drive 3 hours through Alaskan beauty to Homer to prepare for the next day. We will make a day of this as there are tons of places to stop and photograph from both a wildlife and lansdcape standpoint.

Lake Clark National Park

On Day 5, we will We will experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Lake Clark National Park (or surrounding area), where we will be guided and have the ability to photograph brown bears among other potential wildlife. We'll fly (or boat) from Homer and land amidst the wilderness of the park with a private guide. We'll spend the day observing and photographing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, an experience that will leave you with memories and photos to cherish forever. We will then fly (or boat) back to Homer and drive back to Anchorage to prepare for the following day's departures.

Payment & Cost

This is a detailed activity filled trip with the opportunity for amazing experiences and photographs. The full price of the retreat is $4,000.00 USD, a price drop from $4,800.00 USD.

We will work on installments leading up to the start date. This initial payment of $1,000.00 USD is only to secure your spot. It will be credited towards the full price. We want people who are serious about a life changing experience and who are committed from the start. Ask us about our cancellation policy if you'd like to know and we'd be happy to send you it!

All paid expenses included for this trip are ground transportation, park passes, accommodations and any activities we have or add to our itinerary.

You must pay your own
airfare to get to Anchorage.
You must fly into Anchorage (ANC) or meet us in Anchorage for pickup. If you get in early or stay later, that is at your expense. The trip officially starts July 9th and ends July 14th. Flights that occur within the trip duration like the one to Lake Clark to view bears will be covered.

To enhance the affordability of this trip, we have reduced the price from $4,800 USD to $4,000 USD. As a result, our inclusive offering now covers one dinner meal dining out. This adjustment reflects the decision to as a group allocate resources more effectively. Once the trip reaches capacity, we will as a group determine whether we prefer a shared grocery expense or individual payment for additional dining out experiences.