Since its launch in May 2020, The Photographer Mindset podcast has collaborated with a hand-picked group of sponsors. These partnerships enable the podcast to continue producing top-quality content and make it freely accessible to anyone who wants to listen and watch the podcast.

Current Sponsors

Our Sponsorship Principles

At The Photographer Mindset podcast, we have a strict philosophy when it comes to our sponsors. Our ethos has always been as follows:

1. We only collaborate with brands whose products we have personally used and admire.

2. In case we decide to discontinue or alter our collaboration with any sponsor, it is based on one or more of the following grounds:

  • The sponsor no longer wishes to support the podcast.
  • We come across a better product that we believe would serve our listeners better.
  • Our opinion about their product changes, due to personal experience.
  • The sponsor merges with a larger entity that we do not endorse, or goes out of business.

If we no longer work with a sponsor, these ads will still exist in our catalogue of episodes unless our opinion on the quality of the product or service changes for the worse. YouTube does not allow for easy removal of segments within video content, but in those cases we remove the links from the video description.

It is important to note that we may receive a commission or an affiliate share from some of the sponsors mentioned. However, this does not imply that our links are the only way to purchase products from them.


Who are your current sponsors?

Our current sponsors are WhiteWall, iStorage, & Tamron Americas. You can find links to their products by clicking the links listed above.

Are you accepting new podcast sponsors?

Yes & No. We have two forms of sponsorship, "Premium" and "Midroll". We are always looking for new midroll advertisers. We are not currently looking for premium sponsors for the 2024 year.

Premium sponsors get their company logo on episode artwork, have their ad read at the start of the episode and have their website linked in sponsored episode descriptions.

Midroll sponsors have their ad read in the middle of the episode and have their company website listed in sponsored episode descriptions.

What kind of sponsors do you accept?

In essence anything that will be helpful or useful to our audience of photographers, videographers, and creatives. This includes companies that sell camera equipment, outdoor apparel, photography services, etc. If it's useful to creators, we're interested in hearing more!

Why do you have sponsors?

Our sponsors support the sustained production of the podcast, ensuring that it remains free for all listeners and viewers.