"The Photographer Mindset"™ initially started as only a podcast and was formed in 2020 during the pandemic. Co-host Seth Macey went searching for a podcast that focused on building the mindset and mental resilience of creators, and more specifically photographers. The product didn't exist so he decided to create it. About a year into the show, Aaron Mannes joined as co-host adding another level of insight to listeners. With years worth of episodes, the podcast has transformed into a community of photographers and creators who are dedicated to continuously working on building and innovating the framework of their minds. They understand that their success and advancement in photography depends on consistently improving how their mind works in situations that require strategic thinking, mental fortitude, and the correct attitude. The Photographer Mindset now offers more to those devout listeners in the form of workshops, retereats, 1-on-1 virtual mentor sessions, merch, newsletters, affiliate discounts and blog posts.


    Aaron is a wildlife, landscape, and commercial photographer from Connecticut. He has a hunger to constantly be learning and a level of humility that contributes to his success as a photographer. He is also a school guidance counselor and has years of education and work experience helping pre-teens navigate through life and all its ups and downs.

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    Seth is a wildlife, landscape and commerical photographer from Toronto, Canada. Seth studied both marketing and audio engineering before deciding photography was the career of which he wanted to pursue. Seth is heavily engaged and devoted to sparking and fueling meaningful conversation and is purpose driven in bringing people together through community.

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